Alphabetical list of reviews

Stay-with-Me img


Adebayo, Ayobami – Stay With Me



Dear Ijeawele img


Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Dear Ijeawele



we should all be feminists img


Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – We should all be feminists




The Power img2


Alderman, NaomiThe Power




2017-11-14 16.26.50

Allende, Isabel – Portrait in Sepia





2017-07-26 20.42.01


Anderson, Gillian and Nadel, Jennifer – WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere



A Woman Berlin img


Anonymous – A Woman in Berlin



Shattered img


Asher, Rebecca – Shattered: Modern motherhood and the illusion of equality



The Elegance of the Hedgehog img


Barbery, Muriel – The Elegance of the Hedgehog





Barr, Emily – The One Memory of Flora Banks



Days Without End img


Barry, Sebastian – Days Without End






Beatty, Paul – The Sellout




The Confident Mother img


Bevan, Sherry – The Confident Mother



2016-07-13 13.59.41


Brody, Frances – Murder on a Summer’s Day




A Clockwork Orange


Burgess, Anthony – A Clockwork Orange







Carson, Rick – Taming your Gremlin




The Lady & the Unicorn img


Chevalier, Tracy – The Lady and the Unicorn




2016-07-13 13.18.33


Costello, Jane – Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel




More in Common img


Cox, Brendan – Jo Cox: More in Common




Weight of Water img



Crossan, Sarah – The Weight of Water




Not My Fathers Son

Cumming, Alan – Not My Father’s Son





Help your child img


David, Alison – Help your child love reading – A Parent’s Guide




Post truth


Davis, Evan – Post-truth: Why we havereached peak bullshit and what we can do about it





Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See




Room img


Donoghue, Emma – Room




2016-07-13 14.20.33


Duenas, Maria – The Seamstress




The Danish Girl img


Ebershoff, David – The Danish Girl




The Green Road img


Enright, Anne – The Green Road




2017-06-14 12.37.04


Feeney, Alice – Sometimes I Lie






Ferrante, Elena – My Brilliant Friend




Spies img


Frayn, Sebastian Spies





History of Wolves img


Fridlund, Emily – History of Wolves





2017-03-30 11.25.47


Gaskell, Elizabeth – North and South




Big Magic


Gilbert, Elizabeth – Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear





Exit West img


Hamid, Mohsin – Exit West





Miss Carter's War img


Hancock, Sheila – Miss Carter’s War




Eleanor Oliphant


Honeyman, Gail – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine





Etta & Otto img


Hooper, Emma – Otto and Etta and Russell and James






Jefferson, Margo – Negroland: a memoir




This Boy img


Johnson, Alan This Boy




2016-07-06 15.13.18


Johnson, Alan Please, Mister Postman




The Vegetarian img


Kang, Han – The Vegetarian







Kirby, Emma Jane – The Optician of Lampedusa




Disclaimer img


Knight, Renee – Disclaimer






Kondo, Marie – The Life-changing Magic of Tidying






Levy, Deborah – Hot Milk





A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian img


Lewycka, Marina – A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian






Macdonald, Helen – H is for Hawk







Macrae Burnet, Gordon – His Bloody Project





2017-08-05 07.34.39


McEwan, Ian – On Chesil Beach







McInerney, Lisa – The Glorious Heresies





The Blood Miracles img


McInerney, Lisa – The Blood Miracles





2017-03-08 12.29.54


Monk Kidd, Sue – The Secret Life of Bees






Moran, Caitlin – Moranifesto






Moshfegh, Ottessa – Eileen





Elmet img


Mozley, Fiona – Elmet





2018-01-10 14.18.01-1

Murakami, Haruki – Norwegian Wood



On a Shoestring to Coorg img


Murphy, Dervla – On a Shoestring to Coorg






Nimmo, Jenny – The Snow Spider




2017-04-26 13.45.25


Nooteboom, Cees – In the Dutch Mountains




Holding img


Norton, Graham – Holding






O’Brien, Edna – The Little Red Chairs





1984 img


Orwell, George1984





Pax img


Pennypacker, Sara – Pax





The Essex Serpent img


Perry, SarahThe Essex Serpent





2016-08-06 07.07.14


Punke, Michael – The Revenant




Cat Person img

Roupenian, Kristen – Cat Person





Rubin, Gretchen – The Happiness Project






St John Mandel, Emily – Station Eleven




2017-04-19 13.02.42


Sands, Philippe – East West Street




Lincoln in the Bardo


Saunders, George – Lincoln in the Bardo





2017-11-14 14.33.12


Shafak, Ellif – The Bastard of Istanbul




Autumn img


Smith, AliAutumn





JUst kids img


Smith, Patti – Just Kids




Love Nina img


Stibbe, Nina – Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life






Syal, Meera – The House of Hidden Mothers







Szalay, David – All That Man Is





Do Not Say We Have Nothing img


Thien, Madeleine – Do Not Say We Have Nothing





Welford, Ross – Time Travellling with a Hamster





ALittle Life img 2


Yanagihara, Hanya – A Little Life




Everything Everything img


Yoon, Nicola – Everything Everything


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